Dec 13, 2011

Vanderplaats R&D Introduces VisualDOC Version 7.0, Its Next Generation Multidisciplinary Design, Optimization, and Process Integration Software

Vanderplaats Research and Development (VR&D), Inc. announces today the release of VisualDOC Version 7.0, for the computer aided analysis community.

A completely revamped graphical user interface that dramatically increases the flexibility of process integration, system automation, and design optimization leads the list of new features in VisualDOC version 7.0. VisualDOC is a multidisciplinary design, optimization, and process integration software which can be used to define, execute, and automate a design process. It includes design modules such as Optimization, Design of Experiments, Response Surface Models, and Probabilistic (Robust and Reliability-based) Analysis which it can add to almost any analysis program. VisualDOC's graphical user interface allows the user to easily create a connected work-flow of components and configure them. VisualDOC supports multi-level, cyclic, and conditional workflows. Its features include comprehensive concurrent monitoring and visualization tools, storage and reuse of generated simulation data for post-processing, full debugging support for model execution, and the ability to interactively inspect and monitor the design process. It also supports remote execution in a heterogeneous environment, partial and batch-mode execution, and provides programmatic access to all the included design modules. It can integrate with Excel, Matlab, various CAE software, and user-defined libraries and executables. Powerful and flexible Simulation Data Management (SDM) capability is built into VisualDOC.

"Many engineers and analysts spend an extraordinary amount of time engaged in parametric studies of one or two parameters using one or more different simulation programs. VisualDOC empowers the user to easily set up their simulation(s) to automatically run and search for the best design while varying many parameters subject to many constraints," said Dr. Garret N. Vanderplaats, founder and CEO of Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc.

For more information on VisualDOC v7.0, please visit http://www.vrand.com/VisualDOC.html