Dec 13, 2011

Theorem Solutions validation & checking tools can be incorporated into any data exchange process

Theorem Solutions , world leading supplier of PLM interoperability solutions provides fully tailored solutions to meet any data Validation & Checking requirement in-line with existing company procedures and processes.

Theorem Solutions Validation and Checking Solutions can be incorporated into any translation process to verify that the resulting translated data is the same as the original source data, helping to overcome one of the most challenging aspects of data exchange.

Whatever data validation & checking process used, if any at all, Theorem has the ability to automate the entire process guaranteeing the resulting data is what it says it is!

Generic processes can be developed removing the manual and time consuming task of the checker to compare every reported message from each translation.

Theorem's Process Manager (TPM) automatically summarizes them in to a report. If and only if the messages indicate a condition that should be checked, will an exception report be produced and a requirement for manual examination of a specific translation is then automatically triggered.

Theorem's solutions support all common validation types including: Mass Properties, Cloud of Points and PMI/MBD.

Different data types that can be validated & checked include: 3D CAD Geometry, 3D Product Structure, 3D CAD PMI (GD&T), 2D Data.

Theorem's Validation and Checking solutions:

Save time and resource by automating manual data checking procedures
Verify translated data is the same as the original source data with fully automated processes
Summarized notifications are automatically produced, highlighting potential issues arising from translation
Tailored solutions to meet any data validation & checking requirement inline with existing procedures and processes
All common data validation types supported including: Mass Properties, Cloud of Points and PMI/MBD
Theorem's CADverter translation products have 20+ years of industrial use, robustness and quality is well proven, reducing your business risk.