Dec 22, 2011

TDS Selects MSC Software's Marc for Nonlinear Analysis

Technik und Design Systementwicklung (TDS) will use Marc to analyze seals and evaluate design alternatives for customers.

MSC Software Corporation announced that Technik und Design Systementwicklung (TDS) has selected MSC Marc at its choice for nonlinear analysis. TDS is an engineering services company based in Ingolstadt, Germany, and focused on the development of seals and doors. TDS has expertise in the area of interior door panels and equipment of car bodies.

TDS has traditionally only focused on design and development work using computer-aided design (CAD) software. However, the company will now begin to integrate numerical simulations into their development processes. The company's goal is to shorten development cycles, and do more goal-oriented structural optimization studies early in the design process.

"So far we've outsourced simulation jobs, or our customers have done their own analyses. However, we want to collaborate with our customers from the very first concept idea to the final manufacturing," said Ulf Nestler, Director of TDS. "Therefore it's necessary that we build the complete development process chain in-house. By doing the modeling and analysis in-house, we can answer critical questions about the durability of our designs. We want to be able to independently judge which design alternative will be the best choice."

TDS has selected Marc because of its capabilities in advanced nonlinear structural analysis, contact, complex material models, and multi-physics. Crucial to TDS's decision to invest in Marc was the well-engineered Marc software technology, and the very robust numeric algorithms Marc uses to solve nonlinear problems. TDS plans to perform structural analysis of elastomeric components for seal profiles. These requirements include large deformations, complex contact and critical friction conditions, temperature and time dependant, as well as incompressible material behavior.

With Marc's analysis capabilities, the engineers at TDS can solve very complex and high degree nonlinear mechanical-structural, thermal, thermal-mechanical coupled problems, as well as problems in the areas of multi-physics like electrostatics, magnetostatics, electromagnetism, and piezoelectrics.