Dec 15, 2011

Sona College of Technology adopts Tekla BIM technology as part of curriculum

The Tamil Nadu based institution joins the group of over 200 universities globally.

Tekla India, the Indian arm of Tekla Corporation; announced today that Sona College of Technology, a renowned educational institute based in Tamil Nadu will include Tekla’s suite of 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, Tekla Structures as part of its academic curriculum for engineering students. The college will train civil and structural engineering students at its School of Industrial & Engineering Technologies. With the implementation of Tekla Structures in academics, students will be able to visualize and simulate real-life construction project workflows and receive hands on training and rich experience.

"Our engineering students will receive tremendous industry-like exposure and learn cutting-edge 3D BIM techniques using Tekla Structures software. They will probably get insights into what an engineer would typically receive after spending nearly 8-10 years in the industry," said Prasad Babu, Head of civil engineering department, Sona College. "We want to train and equip our students with the technology and tools that are used by commercial experts in the industry so that the school-to-work transition is seamless and at an accelerated pace."

"We are delighted that Indian educational institutes such as Sona College are taking the lead in pioneering education on advanced building construction technologies in India and matching international standards. This will help in producing highly skilled and trained engineers that can rapidly adapt to real-life scenarios and be more productive at their workplaces”, said Nirmalya Chatterjee, COO, Tekla India.

Mr. Dhirajlal, Honorable Secretary, Sona College of Technology, who has served the Building & Construction Industry with very wide and versatile experience of over five decades, was crucial in the initiation of this unique initiative for the institution. Commenting about the development, Mr. Dhirajlal said, “The purpose of educating young engineers and designers to the use of advanced 3D modelling tools such as Tekla Structures will assist them to better understand the constructability of building systems at both at a macro and micro level. We are confident that by adopting Tekla Structures, our graduate students will find a wider acceptance in the industry”.

Currently over 200 universities globally have adopted Tekla Structures in their curriculum, like Georgia Institute of Technology’s US School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Jönköping University, Sweden, University of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. Sona College of Technology will now join this group of prestigious institutions, who have adopted Tekla BIM Techno