Dec 22, 2011

SigmaNEST Delivers Results to Tampa Bay Steel

A recent selection of SigmaNEST CAD/CAM nesting software by Tampa Bay Steel is delivering a substantial return on investment. As the world's leading CAD/CAM nesting software, SigmaNEST delivers unequalled efficiency and speed in terms of material optimization, part cutting, and cost estimation.

"We began implementing SigmaNEST just several months ago and are seeing significant and rapid gains in productivity and savings," explained David Carpenter, Engineering Manager at Tampa Bay Steel. "Because we utilize a variety of high-end fabrication equipment including multiple laser, plasma, and water jet systems – it is imperative that we find a single-source solutions provider to ensure that our fabrication process is operating in the most effective way possible. Increased machine productivity and reduced material scrap is a great benefit and with SigmaNEST we achieve both in a single program."

Founded in 1980 Tampa Bay Steel (Tampa, FL) service center processes and distributes metal products to customers in the agriculture, construction, trailer, and energy industries. Their in-house modeling software is SolidWorks. The flexibility of SigmaNEST allows the company to become more agile and responsive. Similarly Tampa Bay Steel is finding that the software's cost estimation capability allows for more accurate and winning quotes. "Our customers have come to expect quality and quick turn-around. Leveraging best-in-class technologies allows us to concentrate resources on what we do best while leaving part nesting to the experts."

"Today like never before manufacturers across the board are scrutinizing every aspect of operations," explained SigmaTEK Vice President Dan Barr. "From production to cost reduction and job cost estimation shop-floor applications will have an increased impact on the bottom line. Tampa Bay Steel is an example of an organization taking steps to ensure that its customers continue to receive the quality and service they have come to expect while at the same time improving operational efficiency and profitability. We look forward to solidifying our relationship and playing a progressive role in the company's future manufacturing initiatives."