Dec 5, 2011

Schott Systeme Showcase Design to Manufacture at EuroMold 2011

German CAD/CAM software developer Schott Systeme GmbH will entice visitors to this year’s EuroMold exhibition, with a 20 minute live demonstration of product design, manufacturing and marketing at the ‘2011 Design and Engineering Forum’.

The ‘Design and Engineering’ forum provides visitors with an opportunity to witness many of the very latest emerging technologies in the area of design and manufacturing. This year’s presentation from Schott Systeme focused on the ability to utilise their ‘Pictures by PC’ CAD/CAM software to design, produce and market new product ranges. Demonstrated live, the software was used to develop a new product line of designer headphones, utilising their hybrid solid, surface and mesh modelling suite. Providing designers with the utmost flexibility, the software enabled existing pencil sketches and scanned 3D mesh data (a 95 percentile male head) to form the basis of the design envelope. Being one of only a handful of software packages available to handle the entire CAD, CAM and graphic design process within a single solution, Pictures by PC was also utilised to generate the electrical layouts, final 2D and 3D packaging design, prototype and mould machining (including 5 axis milling and engraving), in addition to the generation of professional marketing brochures for print.

SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH is a German software company that has for over 25 years, successfully developed and marketed a wide range of product families for graphic and design, CAD and construction, product presentation and documentation, computer aided manufacture and numerous specialist applications.