Dec 6, 2011

Rapid development of the CAD viewer Kubotek KeyView

New version 11.1.0 with CATIA V6 support and new functions.

The K2D-KeyToData GmbH, development partner of the software producer Kubotek, has announced today that only few weeks after the release of Kubotek KeyView 11, a new version of the innovative CAD viewer is already available now: Kubotek KeyView 11.1.0.

The new version now also supports the file format CATIA V6 3D. Other files formats have been added and updated (VRML, Parasolid V24 and CREO Parametric V1.0). Besides, it comes with a number of new functions, such as display and management of markups in the structure tree and sections on markup layers. Besides, there are two new windows available: The window “Analysis Data” enables further processing of measured data. For example, data can be used for calculations or parts can be moved by the measured value. The second new window “File Explorer” allows quicker navigation through the files. Another improvement is the way measures are displayed: they can now remain readable when rotating the part instead of rotating as well.

Exactly one year ago at the EuroMold 2010, Kubotek KeyView was introduced for the first time. Since then, the CAD viewer has seen a rapid development and is hardly recognizable anymore with its new user interface in the style of the current Microsoft Office products, numerous new functions, new supported 2D and 3D CAD formats and new plug-ins such as the tool making plug-in. Being development partner of the software producer Kubotek, K2D-KeyToData plays a decisive part in the KeyView development.

The K2D-KeyToData GmbH was formed out of the merger of two viewer specialists - the Products & Solutions segment of Infotech Enterprises GmbH and the viewer segment of DataCAD GmbH.

The K2D combines decades of experience, know-how and success in the CAD viewer and CAD/CAM market. With the Kubotek KeySolutions, K2D provides a range of solutions that efficiently support the user throughout the product development process - from first drafts to collaboration with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Being development partner of the software producer, K2D actively influences the product development for the benefit of the customers.