Dec 22, 2011

PTC Named Winner of 2011 Frost & Sullivan Global Green Excellence in Product Innovation Award

Recognized for the Key Industry Challenges Addressed by PTC’s Windchill Product Analytics.

PTC® (Nasdaq: PMTC), The Product Development Company®, today announced that it is the 2011 recipient of Frost & Sullivan's Global Green Excellence in Product Innovation Award for Product Lifecycle Management. After being ranked against other leading PLM vendors in categories such as product profile, business commitment and environmental accountability, the company's Windchill® Product Analytics suite came out on top for its ability to enable the manufacturing industry to create more sustainable, and competitive products while reducing overall environmental impact.

According to Frost & Sullivan best practices research, the drive among manufacturers to improve the environmental performance of their products is gaining momentum every day. Not only have business-to-business customers and consumers demonstrated a clear preference for more sustainable products and "greener" brands, but investors are now pressuring manufacturers as well. Additionally, manufacturers need to design and develop products in compliance with an ever increasing number of environmental regulations in order to avoid blocked sales, production stops, fines and even criminal prosecution.

PTC's Windchill Product Analytics is a suite of component and bill-of-material analysis solutions that enable manufacturers to assess product compliance, performance and risk beginning early in the innovation process and continuing throughout the product lifecycle. The solutions complement existing PLM and ERP systems to make product performance analytics an integral part of the product development process. Armed with this knowledge, manufacturers will be able to develop greener products.

"Windchill Product Analytics provides an ideal platform for manufacturers interested in realizing profitable sustainability," said Karthik Sundaram, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. "In evaluating leading vendors, PTC stood out in all criteria. Its holistic approach to sustainability - from its product solutions to its overall worldwide company initiatives - made PTC the clear winner of this year's Global Green Excellence Award."

"PTC has a rich history of enabling manufacturing customers to create more sustainable, optimized - and simultaneously more competitive and profitable - products," said Howard Heppelmann, Senior General Manager, Product Analytics Business Unit and Executive Sponsor of the PTC Internal Sustainability Program. "We are pleased that Frost & Sullivan has recognized our strategic commitment and the positive impact Windchill Product Analytics enables leading global manufacturers to make."

The full Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Research Report can be found here: www.ptc.com/go/greenaward2011