Dec 7, 2011

Plant and factory project control with MPDS4 version 5.1

CAD Schroer's release includes a new module for collaborative, global 3D plant design for achieving project control without a large administrative burden or complex implementation requirements.

Cambridge, UK and Pittsford, NY: Release 5.1 of the MPDS4 Plant Design and Factory Layout suite provides fast, high quality 3D plant design and project control with a new Project Data Control (PDC) module, new parametric equipment creation tools, and new standard component catalogs.

“Customers are designing ever more complex plants and factories, and looking after increasing pools of diverse project data,” says CAD Schroer’s Product Line Manager Mark Simpson, “so this release focuses on providing the optimal project data management and control solution for what is often a distributed working environment – without massive implementation overheads. In addition, we’ve new tools for creating custom parametric equipment; developed new, optional DIN and BS EN component libraries; provided new design functionality; enhanced data integration; and optimised the software’s performance to speed up plant projects."

Controlling and Managing Project Data with PDC CAD Schroer’s new PDC solution is an optional data management and engineering content administration environment for all design data and associated documents, fully integrated with MPDS4. Its open architecture allows data to be made available to other PLM, PDM or ERP systems, or to other users via the internet. “Users can, for example, query any equipment models stemming from PDC to see where they are used, and if they are up-to- date,” Mark explains. “They can be shown the latest version of a piece of equipment in PDC, and are given the choice of updating the equipment in their design. Users can also explore relationships between project documents.” PDC allows design teams to work collaboratively across multiple locations without a significant administrative burden or complex implementation requirements. Through its connection to shared, automatically synching database vaults, for example, engineers can gain global, controlled administrative and editing access to project and design data.

Flexible Plant Data and Engineering Content Management with PDC:

Raising Standards
MPDS4 users can now save vast amounts of time by buying in additional catalogs of standard components (for fast creation of piping systems to international standards, for example).

Make it Parametric
A new parametric equipment tool offers time-savings and great flexibility when placing equipment in varying sizes in a plant design. Users can also create their own parametric equipment models.

Design Data Integration
Data integration enhancements in accordance with ISO 15926 make it even easier to include 2D and 3D data, as well as supplementary information, from other plant design systems.

Solutions for Plant and Factory Owners
Factory Owner/Operators working on a single design, who need to redesign, extend or move their facility, can take advantage of a new Factory Layout software option. CAD Schroer’s factory modelling service can help get any 2D to 3D factory design projects off the ground quickly.
For a full list of what’s new in MPDS4 version 5.1 go to: http://www.cad-schroer.com/Software/MPDS4/1/1367/

“MPDS4 v. 5.1 is our response to engineers who demand fast and flexible large-scale plant design, with data management capabilities that deliver control without a massive administrative burden,” concludes Managing Director Michael Schroer. “We really look forward to our customers’ feedback as we plan future developments.”

For a video about flexible plant data and engineering content management with the new PDC goto: http://www.youtube.com/embed/h_yrC1YF1uo