Dec 12, 2011

KeyCreator Compare Means Better Quality, Communication for Manufacturers

Kubotek USA, makers of the pioneering KeyCreator Direct CAD software, announce the launch of KeyCreator Compare. KeyCreator Compare is the leading edge CAD Comparison technology that gives users a graphical representation of changes in CAD models along with exact dimensional changes. KeyCreator Compare lets users confidently identify, edit and communicate changes, and is built solely for use with KeyCreator.

By taking advantage of two powerful technologies, KeyCreator Compare makes identifying changes and editing models quick and easy. KeyCreator Compare uses a unique differencing engine to accurately pinpoint changes that occur from one design version to the next. Differences between two CAD parts are designated by the use of color; differences in assemblies are highlighted via the Difference Tree. Any edits that need to be made can be done in real-time directly with KeyCreator Direct CAD.

KeyCreator Compare gives job shops and contract manufactures much needed speed in identifying design changes, both intended and unintended. If any changes are detected, they can be quickly communicated throughout the manufacturing organization. KeyCreator Compare will save many hours from manually checking of designs and will eliminate the possibility of missing revision changes before going into production. This of course means that job shops and contract manufactures can better their time to market, increase quality and improve profit margins.

KeyCreator Compare is an add-on technology available only in KeyCreator 2011 V10.5. Normal list price is $2495. However, as a special introductory price, KeyCreator Compare will sell for only $1495. Request information about KeyCreator Compare or watch a short video demo to learn more. KeyCreator customers will want to take advantage of this unique capability to give them a significant competitive edge.