Dec 1, 2011

HEC Ranchi's Research & Product Development Deptt. migrating from 2D environment to 3D environment for design work

Ranchi: To cope up with the increased work load in the Research & Product Development (RPD) and to make an effort to enhance the accuracy in design, computerization system for the RPD Deptt was implemented on 12th July 2010. The system was made live on 11th January 2011. Since then, all efforts have been made to utilize the system to its full potential. The electronic archive is also getting created mostly using recent drawing & data. This also includes legacy data which was created earlier but is being utilized for the present orders.

"However, some of the areas require more thrust like migration from 2D environment to 3D environment for design work. We are working on this and trying to buildup in house capability. We are also trying to get help from other agencies for creation of 3D models & design automation for Cranes," the company said.

It was felt that to derive maximum benefit out of this computerization system both the Process & Engineering Deptt, which is reusing data created by RPD, should be integrated. As such the system is being extended and the entire work flow of all the three Deptts is getting integrated and is becoming on line. The main features of this integrated system are:-

Complete automation of the work flow of RPD, Process & Engg. Deptt.
Utilization of data created by RPD for further processing by Process & Engg Deptt.
On line routing and blanking by Process Deptt.
Preparation of machining technology in prescribed format by Process Deptt.
Preparation of drawing and ordering of special tooling.
Forwarding the data to HQ System for preparation of BM by Engg. Deptt.
Printing of Drawings by Engg. Deptt. as per the routing done by Process Deptt.
Preparation of packing list as per the requirement of the shops by Engg. Deptt.

Sri G K Pillai CMD HEC, Sri R Misra, Director (Finance), Sri Kushal Saha Director (Production), Sri Ravindra Verma, CVO along with other Sr Officers were present. Sri G K Pillai appreciated the effort taken by the Team and thanked one and all who were involved in this project.