Dec 1, 2011

Delcam's CADCAM software aids diversification into dental

Delcam's PowerSHAPE design software and PowerMILL CAM system have enabled French engineering company, SEEM décolletage, to diversify into the manufacture of dental restorations. This is the latest stage in the company’s continued progress into more challenging, but more profitable, business.

SEEM décolletage is a family business that was founded in 1951 by Michel Moschietti. Today, the company is based in Chevroux to the north of Lyon. It is managed by the third generation of the family, Georges and Jérôme Moschietti, and employs eleven people.

Historically, SEEM décolletage produced short runs of small- and medium-sized parts for a wide range of industries, including components for agricultural equipment, plumbing fixtures, and building and civil engineering applications. In 2009, the company began to move towards new applications like aerospace, nuclear and medical. Even though these customers were more demanding, the company’s regular investments in new technology, together with the long experience of the family and their commitment to high quality, allowed it to continue successfully in the new areas.

In July 2009, SEEM décolletage acquired its first high-speed five-axis milling machine to develop its capabilities in medical manufacturing, in particular, to be able to produce dental restorations in titanium and cobalt/chrome. As a consequence, Mr. Moschietti started looking for a CADCAM solution that could deliver the necessary performance and accuracy, but still be easy to use. He found it with Delcam.

"We had decided that we would focus on dental applications for the new machine,” he explained. "We needed a software solution which would allow fast and accurate machining, even for the difficult-to-machine materials used in the dental industry. With PowerMILL, the quality of the surface is excellent, the optimisation of the toolpaths is simple and there are many little tricks within the software that help us meet our customers’ demands.”

Delcam France set up templates within the program to automate the process and make the engineers’ work easier. "We have a good relationship with the young and motivated team at Delcam France,” said Mr. Moschietti. "I recommend Delcam highly to my customers because I believe that the final quality of the parts is better than that from any other similar product. Also, by using the same software, we can be sure our models are perfectly compatible.”

"We are always ready to participate in different events with Delcam France, like a users’ day when we presented our work to other customers, or the Dental Forum – a dental show held in Paris,” he added. "We have a very successful partnership.”