Dec 22, 2011

Delcam launches DentSCAN dental scanner

Delcam has extended its range of dental scanners with the launch of its DentSCAN scanner. The new unit is slim, light and accurate to 20 microns, making it ideal for use in dental laboratories that need to design restorations either for in-house production or for supply to milling centres for manufacture.

The DentSCAN scanner uses the latest generation of white-light 3D scanning technology to give both fast and accurate data capture. This is combined with precision calibration and articulation equipment to provide high-precision scans for the design of all types of restoration, from simple copings to anatomical crowns and bridges.

DentSCAN also has the ability to capture data from deep cavities, allowing dental impressions to be scanned as well as stone casts.

DentSCAN is available with three software variants; a Base bundle for crowns and bridges, a Plus option for simple implant restorations, and a Pro version for multi-implant restorations. Upgrades between the different levels are controlled by a simple software upgrade, with no need to buy a new scanner or any extra equipment.

The Plus and Pro versions of the software include best-fitting algorithms from Delcam’s PowerINSPECT metrology program, the world’s leading hardware-independent inspection software. These allow the positions of scan adaptors to be located to high levels of precision and so enable extremely accurate production of items such as dental bars that need to match to a number of implants.

Each unit is supplied with a calibration plate to ensure consistent accuracy, a multi-die adapter capable of holding up to eight components, and a scanning articulator with two clamps to allow both upper and lower impressions to be scanned simultaneously.

DentSCAN is, of course, fully compatible with Delcam’s dental CADCAM software for both modelling of the restorations and their machining. It follows Delcam’s policy supporting ‘open’ systems and can also be used with other dental machining software.