Nov 17, 2011

Theorem's CADverter portfolio continues to grow in strength

Theorem Solutions renowned CADverter portfolio is continuing to grow in strength with the development of their range of CATIA V6 translation solutions to be released throughout 2012.

Working closely with Dassault Systemes as CATIA V5 and CATIA V6 Software Partners, Theorem are confident that they will add to their already world class solutions with these latest CATIA V6 translators and are excited at the opportunity to bring them to market in the new year.

The latest enhancements to their CATIA V5 Product range and Multi-CAX solutions will be available for demonstration at the European Customer Forum (ECF) in Disneyland, Paris November 22nd and 23rd alongside Theorem's complementary cost and resource saving Automation Solutions that enable greater interoperability throughout supply chains.

The ongoing use of CATIA V5 in long life-cycle projects within the automotive and aerospace engineering sectors ensures that there will still be strong interest in this well proven family of translators especially with the improved performance and robustness of their CATIA V5 products.

According to Don Phillips, Sales Director of Theorem's UK operations: "Our relationship with Dassault brings us closer to the CATIA community. Furthermore, ECF is an excellent venue to meet end users and decision makers in a relaxed business environment.

"The event's presentations and workshops enable us to hear views and identify trends, as well as to meet with technical specialists from every CATIA application. This not only provides us with the opportunity to refine current products to meet users' immediate needs, but also to plan for the next generation of CAD data translation requirements within the CATIA community."