Nov 29, 2011

Tetra 4D Announces Release of 3D PDF Converter v. 3.3

Tetra 4D™ has announced the release of 3D PDF Converter™ v. 3.3—the exclusive 3D solution authorized by Adobe® to run as an Acrobat plug-in.

Only 3D PDF Converter running inside Adobe® Acrobat® enables powerful 3D interaction and collaboration features in the free Adobe® Reader®. The 3D ecosystem enabled by Tetra 4D increases productivity and time savings by allowing ubiquitous sharing and collaboration with anyone inside or outside of the enterprise.

With this release, 3D PDF Converter now supports PTC’s Creo®, Dassault System’s Catia ® v6, Parasolid ® v24, as well as the current draft specification of the STEP AP 242.1 Tetra 4D supports all major CAD and 3D exchange formats.

“With our latest release of 3D PDF Converter, we are excited to provide support for all major CAD formats and 3D exchange formats,” said Jim Merry, vice president of 3D PDF Product Management at Tetra 4D. “Many of our customers are planning to incorporate these formats into their existing 3D PDF-based workflows. By providing support for these formats so quickly, Tetra 4D continues to deliver on our goal of working with our customers to deliver solutions that meet their requirements in advance of their planned deployment.”
The PDES ( http://pdesinc.aticorp.org/) and LOTAR ( http://www.long-term-archiving-and-retrieval.org/home.html) working groups are focused on the evolution of the STEP standard. Their aim with STEP AP 242 is to merge the two leading STEP application protocols, (AP 203 and AP 214) and create a globally accepted backbone for the automotive and aerospace industry by the end of 2011.

“Our goal is to provide a conforming AP 242 converter as soon as possible once the AP 242 standard is published,” continued Merry. “Our support for the current draft specification enables our customers to test and provide feedback that will allow us to quickly deliver a high quality STEP AP 242.”
Convert 3D assembly geometry from all major CAD systems into rich, interactive 3D PDF documents using 3D PDF Converter from inside Acrobat. No CAD license is required.
Enrich your 3D PDF for effective communication. Create sectioning planes and animations, explode assemblies, create and manage bills of material and more.

Publish the enriched 3D PDF while controlling access. Store all related information, including 2D documents, GD&T, and PMI in the flexible container structure. Turn on Reader Enablements, such as measure, mark-up, and 3D commenting.

Share, using the free Adobe Reader, a rich, interactive 3D model with powerful Adobe Reader Enablements. Consumers can become collaborators.

3D PDF Converter and 3D PDF Converter Suite™, which includes Adobe® Acrobat X Pro®, are available now for free trial or purchase in English, German, French and Japanese language through the Tetra 4D online store and our global network of authorized resellers. More information is available at www.tetra4d.com/products.

Tetra 4D provides best-in-class solutions for integrating 3D PDF into engineering, manufacturing and technical publication workflows. Users of the company’s 3D PDF Converter solution are able to make 3D and related engineering data accessible and more valuable to all disciplines and areas internal and external to their organization. Working with ISO, AIIM, and others, Tetra 4D continues the development of PDF, PDF/E and the PRC data format as open standards. Tetra 4D is an Adobe Gold Level Solution Partner.

1 The STEP AP 242 format is working its way through the ISO process.

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For more information about Adobe’s relationship to Tetra 4D and 3D PDF, please see http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobatpro/faq.html#3d-geospatial.