Nov 2, 2011

SpaceClaim Announces OEM Contract With ITP to Streamline Thermal Analysis in the Aerospace Industry

SpaceClaim, the market leader in direct modeling software that enables all engineers to work in 3D, today announced an OEM relationship with ITP, which provides heat transfer analysis and thermal analysis solutions to the aerospace industry. ITP has chosen SpaceClaim for cleaning, preparing and importing CAD geometry in the ESATAN-TMS product family (www.esatan-tms.com). CAD data is generally too detailed or complex for thermal simulation and therefore creates bottlenecks in the process. ITP will enhance and customize SpaceClaim and provide it to ESATAN-TMS customers as "CADBench."

Detailed design geometry created in traditional CAD systems is often too complex for thermal modeling, and the CAD systems themselves are often inaccessible to simulation experts. Additionally, many thermal/fluid engineers are not CAD specialists. CADBench will address these issues, as it will enable users to import CAD parts and assemblies from virtually any CAD format to simplify and heal the geometry and then send it on for meshing. CADBench will also enable engineers to modify the geometries easily if the design changes.

CADBench is fully compatible with ITP's product ESATAN-TMS, which includes Workbench, Thermal, Fluids, ThermXL, ThermNV, Radiative, and Mission.

"Preparing a model in a CAD format for simulation and analysis using the wrong software tool can add costs and lengthen the time considerably for product development," said Rich Moore, SpaceClaim Vice President of Business Development. "SpaceClaim leads the industry in model preparation for CAE and manufacturing, removing the complexities of traditional CAD and enabling analysts and engineers to prepare models without constraints. Our partnership with ITP gives analysts in aerospace thermal applications the freedom and flexibility to create and modify geometries."

"We provide major organizations in the aerospace industry, including the European Space Agency (ESA), a complete software package dedicated to thermal analysis," said Henri Brouquet, ESATAN-TMS Programme Manager.