Nov 21, 2011

SimXpert 2012 Delivers Significant Productivity Improvements for Engineers Performing Multidisciplinary Simulations

Engineers accelerate simulations with all-new new productivity tools for geometry and meshing, enhanced usability, and several capability extensions.

SANTA ANA, CA - MSC Software Corporation, the leader in multidiscipline simulation solutions that accelerate product innovation, today announced its new release of SimXpert 2012. This release empowers engineers to perform an expansive range of multidisciplinary simulations by delivering new tools that accelerate learning curves and shorten model preparation and setup times all within a fully integrated user environment. The release is scheduled to be available in December.

The SimXpert 2012 release provides engineers with a number of enhancements including:

The time spent preparing geometry for meshing and analysis has been significantly improved in SimXpert 2012 with the addition of several new and enhanced geometry editing tools including geometry stitching, clean-up, and de-featuring.

Meshing has also been significantly improved through the introduction of new feature-based meshing capabilities which leverage geometry features for uniform meshing patterns. Improvements in surface meshing allow engineers to generate better two dimensional meshes across complex geometry, and new interactive meshing enhancements help users simplify the preparation of mesh for analysis, and allow the mesh to automatically update when certain changes are made to it.

There have been a number of enhancements made to the Model Bowser in SimXpert 2012 which give engineers greater ease of use and increased modeling efficiency. Users will find impressive navigation and search improvements that speed assembly modeling and analysis. Additional improvements to the model browser, such as the ability to organize based on entity type display groups in user specified colors, help engineers perform quicker modifications and intuitive simulations with greater ease. Extensive action libraries are also delivered with this release as open-source to help users assemble models quickly and learn how to perform customization and automation faster than ever before.

SimXpert 2012 introduces new capabilities for structural simulations including MSC Random, which allows users to perform random analysis. The release also provides broader coverage of MSC Nastran and MD Nastran multidiscipline features. New extensions for explicit nonlinear simulations were added including revamping the user interface for improved ease of use, and automatic generation of coupling surfaces. Aeroelasticity modeling support in SimXpert is now available with the 2012 release, supporting functionalities like model organization, wetted surface creation, spline blending, and verification.

Co-simulation improvements in SimXpert benefit users by enabling robust integration of motion and controls workspaces. For example, a motion model simulation is executed in a cooperative manner with another model, typically with a control system or actuation model system.

For more details about the SimXpert 2012 release, visit simxpert.mscsoftware.com