Nov 14, 2011

SimManager 2012 Accelerates Simulation Productivity and Closes the PLM gap in CAE

Industry-leading simulation data and process management solution delivers revolutionary process automation, enhanced collaboration, and faster deployment.

MSC Software Corporation, the leader in multidiscipline simulation solutions that accelerate product innovation, today announced its new release of SimManager 2012. This powerful release is the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution for the simulation and engineering community to manage the complete Lifecycle of all simulation activities in the extended enterprise. The release will be available at the end of November for customers to download.

SimManager 2012 introduces over 400 new features that offload engineers of much of the tedium associated with simulation-based projects.

SimManager 2012 automatically captures all data associated with every executed process, ensuring 100% traceability of process-generated objects - a key benefit not provided by Product Data Management (PDM)-based PLM systems. New automation modules include:

Simulation Generator - enables an analyst to assemble simulation configurations based on the flexible definition of the model structures, load cases, assembly, analysis, and post-processing methods.
Report Generator - fully automated process to generate reports 'on-the-fly' as part of any automation sequence.

SimManager 2012 introduces a new level of collaboration, with several new capabilities that promote the traceable collaboration within and across project teams:

Work Request - Captures customer-specific work-request tasks and activities as re-usable templates. Work Request tasks manage project work assignments and record task status.
Project Dashboards -The status of assigned tasks can be tracked and viewed in the new Project Dashboard, providing project transparency and enhancing engineering productivity.

SimManager manages huge amounts of simulation data from two sources: legacy simulation data imported into the system and data auto-captured from integrated processes.

SimManager 2012 completes the transition from a 'framework' based approach requiring customization to a 'product' which is widely configurable via the web user interface. Such configurability ensures faster deployments, easy extension into new domains and broad-scale usability. New and enhanced capabilities include Solver and Post-Processing Integration.

With over 80 man years of development, 8 customer-driven usability cycles, and many process execution, expression language, and database enhancements, SimManager 2012 exhibits significantly improved robustness and performance. Load testing performed by MSC, IBM, and Oracle against the unique requirements of managing simulation data, verify that SimManager 2012 scales to 100's of thousands of simultaneous simulations for 100's of concurrent users resulting in 10's of millions of data objects.

"We see tremendous benefits for our worldwide manufacturing customers who have the need to manage their simulation data, harmonize their engineering methods and increase efficiency by automating their simulation processes," said Albrecht Pfaff, VP SimManager Business Unit. "Now is the time to close the PLM gap with SimManager and integrate simulation communities in the collaborative PLM environment."