Nov 16, 2011

Setforge Engineering Selects MSC Software's Marc to Optimize Forging Process

Marc is expected to speed up the optimization process and reduce the cost of physical test.

MSC Software Corporation today announced that Setforge Engineering, a leading specialist in forging technology, selected MSC Software's Marc to simulate the complex electrical, thermal and mechanical phenomena of the electro-upsetting process. Electro-upsetting is a technology used to forge long sectional parts like driving wheel shafts or spindles.

Engineers at Setforge, a Farina group company, are experts in electro-upsetting, a method which uses an electrical current to raise the temperature in the area of the part to be hammered. The group felt that it was strategically important to gain more insight into the influence of the associated parameters like the electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of the material, the material flow, the mechanical forces applied, and the interaction with the environmental temperature. To accomplish the complex task of simulating the upsetting process, Setforge chose Marc and Patran because the technology best met their requirements for advanced nonlinear simulations.

"MSC Software's service team helped us set up the solution and create a first model to see whether the results of the simulation matched our experience on the shop floor," said Nicolas Behr, Chief Project Engineer at Setforge Engineering. "The results proved that we had made the right choice. We compared a video of the virtual deformation generated by Patran with real video footage shot in one of our plants and the match was impressive."

"Even though the initial simulation was only the first step towards a more comprehensive model, Setforge Engineering is already anticipating potential gains like speeding up the optimization process and reducing costs for physical testing," said Nicolas. "We know that we can impact a wide range of parameters, and this is why we are optimistic about the gains that MSC's technology can deliver."

To learn more about the new Marc 2011 release, please visit marc.mscsoftware.com.