Nov 16, 2011

Oracle Unveils New Release of Oracle's Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process

Latest Release and New Analytics Module Support Strategic and Operational Decision Making by Helping Customers Turn PLM Data Into Actionable Business Insights.

To further support strategic and operational decision making and collaborative innovation, Oracle today announced a new release of Oracle's Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Process.

"Innovation is an extremely complex process that involves many different people and processes as well as huge volumes of data and initiatives. In order for an innovation solution to be successful it has to deliver value across all levels of an organization, from end users to IT administrators to executive management," said John Kelley, vice president, product management, Oracle. "With the new release of Oracle Product Lifecycle Management for Process, we are delivering improved value for all key users: a role based web 2.0 UI for the end users designed to improve usability and productivity; a rich extensibility layer for system administrators and IT to safely configure and extend the system; and a new analytics module to support strategic and operational decision support for management."

Agile PLM for Process 6.1 helps customers turn PLM data into valuable and actionable insights by delivering a new product lifecycle analytics module, a new user interface, enhanced productivity features and powerful extensibility.

Integration tools, web services library, process and UI plug-ins, and rich business extensibility layer help customers extend the solution quickly and safely to meet emerging business needs without costly customizations.

"To effectively manage innovation, process manufacturers need tools in place that can efficiently support both strategic and operational decision making," said Joe Barkai, research vice president, product lifecycle strategies, IDC Manufacturing Insights. "By helping turn product lifecycle management data into valuable and actionable insights, the new release of Oracle's Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process can address this need by supporting all aspects of the decision making process. This is a powerful value proposition that will help customers achieve a range of business benefits that should ultimately reduce the risks associated with innovation."

An Integrated Solution that Manages All Aspects of Innovation

Agile PLM for Process 6.1 helps enable companies to shorten cycle times, increase visibility and productivity, lower costs and reduce risks associated with product innovation. Enhancements within the new release include:
A new product lifecycle analytics module: A comprehensive PLM solution, with integrated performance management, operational analytics & reporting solutions in one package and pre-configured industry dashboards, helps enable ad hoc business reporting to empower business users with the information they need to make informed, fact-based decisions.
New user interface and productivity features: An intuitive, modern user interface with Web 2.0 usability features, role-based views and "smart" navigation. The new user experience is optimized for power users and simplified for casual users in order to improve both adoption and productivity as well as reduce date entry by up to 66 percent.
Safe and powerful extensibility: New APIs, touchpoints and extensibility features provide a safe and productive way for Oracle customers and partners to extend the value of PLM investments.
The new release is part of Oracle's Agile PLM solutions that help enable companies to accelerate product innovation and maximize product profitability by managing the information, processes and decisions about products throughout their lifecycles and across the global product network.