Nov 8, 2011

Open Design Alliance moves to Phoenix AZ

Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced that it has moved its business to Phoenix Arizona. This consolidation will allow the ODA to further reduce administrative cost and increase spend on the development of Teigha® the ODA software development platform.

The Open Design Alliance was founded in 1998 as the OpenDWG Alliance a Washington non-profit co-operation. Since 2000 it has been operating from Phoenix AZ as an Arizona foreign corporation. With this move the ODA is now an Arizona non-profit corporation and no longer has a registration in the state of Washington. The move also offers benefits to ODA members, especially to those in the Founding and the recently announced Corporate Founding levels of membership. Under the new arrangement the license granted to Founding members to use and distribute Teigha is independent of the ODA’s existence. This gives Founding members long term security to continue developing products using Teigha.