Nov 1, 2011

Open Design Alliance Adds New Membership Levels

Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the addition of two new levels of membership: Corporate Founding and Corporate Sustaining. These membership levels are designed for corporations wanting to develop in-house solutions on Teigha® the ODA software development platform.

Corporate Founding Members have the same benefits as Founding Members of the ODA. They can nominate and elect directors for the ODA Board, have access to the source code of Teigha and also receive the same high level of support from ODA Development staff. The only difference is that Corporate Founding Members are using their Teigha based solutions inside their companies and therefore aren’t mentioned on the ODA website.

Corporate Sustaining Members have the same benefits as Sustaining Members but are using Teigha for in house solutions only.

“These new membership levels will allow corporations to develop on Teigha and get all the necessary support they need with complete confidentiality,” said Arnold van der Weide, President of ODA. “I believe that these corporations will be able to develop their in house solutions more efficiently and enjoy all the benefits of these membership levels.”