Nov 6, 2011

Newforma Punch List Tablet App Shortens Time to Project Closeout

Integration with Newforma PIM software simplifies punch list capture, management, assignment and verification.

Newforma®, a project information management (PIM) software company connecting worldwide architecture, engineering, and construction firms and the owners they serve, today announced the commercial release of Newforma® Punch List, a tablet app that improves the punch list process. The extension of the Newforma PIM solution to include field automation simplifies coordination, reduces risk and enhances connectivity among extended project teams. This announcement follows field testing and independent validation by selected Newforma customers, including HOK, RDG Planning & Design, and Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects.

RDG Architect/Designer Nick Schulz, AIA, said, “Newforma Punch List is making walk-throughs so much quicker that it feels like I'm missing items, but actually I’m capturing more. I’m able to document issues more quickly than using voice notes and a camera, and I don’t have to transcribe anything. Having the history is a great feature, too, because punch is often repetitive.”Schulz summed up his remarks with one word: “Nice!”
ZGF Associate Partner Alan Gerencer was similarly enthusiastic when he said, “I really love it! The tablet is preloaded with elements and descriptions, which speeds up capture in the field. I don’t have to re-enter information back at the office. When a problem appears in more than one place, I can copy and paste the information. I can mark up pictures. And its interface is intuitive – it’s easy to pick up the application and get to work.”

Newforma Punch List supports a four-step process:
Capture: As a result of integration with Newforma enterprise PIM software, the tablet is populated with plans and specifications from the firm’s network. Users identify their site locations on the tablet and capture punch list items for those locations. The app permits users to supplement their captures with pictures, videos and audio files to punch list items, and to mark up images.

Manage: Back in the office, users manage punch lists in their Newforma PIM software, adding explanatory data such as specifications, sketches and details as needed to supplement the information captured in the field.

Assign: After managing the data, users assign punch list items to the parties responsible for remedying them. Responsible external team members can use the app at no charge to manage their end of the process, running down lists on their tablets and checking off items as they’re addressed.

Verify: Back on site, the tablet app makes it easy to verify that punch list items have been addressed satisfactorily. As always, data verified in the field is reflected in records at the office.
Newforma Punch List works regardless of the availability of internet access on the jobsite, such as when inspecting basements. When a connection is available, the app syncs wirelessly with Newforma® Project Center to ensure access to the latest drawings, room datasheets and other related project information. Newforma Punch List also includes a discussion log that allows users to review audit trails and the status of individual items.

Newforma Punch List is included as part of Newforma Contract Management. The app is initially available for Android™ tablets. An Apple® iPad® version will follow.

Newforma Chief Executive Officer Ian Howell said Newforma Punch List is made for architects, engineers, general contractors and construction managers who want to make the punch list process as efficient and error-free as possible. “Newforma Punch List helps coordinate field data with office records,” Howell said, “as well as communicate with the extended project team. The sooner you complete a punch out, the sooner you can confirm that a facility is ready for handover. Newforma Punch List eliminates the need to juggle a roll of drawings, a notebook, and a digital camera, and to manually update hardcopy punch lists. Instead, you use a single tablet to view and mark up drawings, take pictures and associate them with specific items, and navigate the current punch list to update open and completed items. This is another example of how we continue to evolve our Newforma project information management solution to improve project delivery and to make work processes more efficient for our customers.”