Nov 10, 2011

NEi Software Announces the Pre-release of NEi Nastran V10.1

NEi Software, a world leader in Finite Element Analysis software, announces the pre-release of NEi Nastran V10.1. With over 70 performance and analysis enhancements, this major release enables product development engineers from a wide variety of industries to increase the speed and accuracy of analysis of structures under various real-world conditions. Engineers can learn more about NEi Nastran advanced materials, contact, nonlinear, dynamic, and thermal enhancements by registering for the January 24 Introducing NEi Nastran V10.1 webinar or requesting a live demonstration.

"We are excited to introduce several of the enhancements to NEi Nastran with the pre-release of V10.1. Our focus over the past 20 years has remained on enabling engineers to produce the most accurate results in the shortest time frame by automating the most challenging aspects of product design analysis. By remaining focused on producing solutions for these product development analysis challenges, such as providing support for the analysis of advanced materials and finding new ways to optimize the use of computational memory, we provide our user base with a leading FEA solution," said David Weinberg, CEO of NEi Software.

With this release, NEi Software continues to support and develop computer aided engineering (CAE) solutions for composites and other advanced materials as companies compete to reduce product weight and costs. Predicting the failure of the matrix, fiber and each ply of a composites structure under various loads and conditions has become a necessity to fully realize the benefits of their use in building lighter and more capable structures such as aircraft. NEi Nastran V10.1 enables engineers to more accurately predict the behavior of composite materials with additional MCT (Multi Continuum Theory) and PPFA (Progressive Ply Failure Analysis) support for 3D layered solid composite elements. Engineers can learn more about these composite analysis enhancements by requesting the recent SAMPE Fall Tech white paper: Realistic Simulation of Thick Composite Bolted Joints: A Novel NASTRAN Method.

Engineers can view demonstrations of these NEi Nastran V10.1 enhancements during a live session on January 24, 2012. The general release of NEi Nastran V10.1 is expected in the first quarter of 2012.