Nov 30, 2011

MSC Software Announces its New Research Assist Program

Researchers around the world are taking innovation to the next level with engineering simulation.

MSC Software Corporation today announced a new Research Assist Program that assists global researchers and academicians with extraordinary credentials in applying simulation technology at no charge in an effort to take their research and development initiatives to the next level.

Researchers and academicians can apply for Research Assist Program at the following website:

The program is intended to stimulate innovation by enabling qualified researchers and academicians to utilize and apply MSC Software technology with no cost burden to further develop their scientific research. These individuals will experience a close partnership with MSC to ensure that their research is successful and to achieve their maximum potential in applying computer modeling and analysis to projects.

"We are very excited to introduce the Research Assist Program," said Dominic Gallello; President & CEO of MSC Software. "MSC has always been focused on expanding the boundaries of engineering simulation for engineers and scientists. In partnership with some of the most promising researchers around the world, we look to continue this tradition."

Many researchers are already benefiting from the use of MSC's simulation technology in areas like composite materials research, blast and impact simulations.

"MSC Software's Marc nonlinear software has played a major role in supporting our research in advanced composites development of nonlinear solid-shell elements, as well as conventional and emerging material models," said Professor Jeong Whan Yoon at Swinburne University in Australia.

"MSC Software's support has been essential to our research in the areas of blast and impact protection of structures such as suspension bridges and buildings," said Professor Hassan Astaneh at the University of California at Berkeley. "By using some of the most advanced multidisciplinary simulation tools in MSC Nastran, we have been able to develop new, innovative technologies to increase safety margins."

To qualify for the Research Assist Program, researchers must be enrolled in an accredited Masters, PhD or post doctoral program or involved in a non-profit research project at a recognized research lab or institution. Candidates should submit the topic of their research project with an abstract to MSC Software Corporation and agree to the terms and conditions of the program to complete the qualification process. The MSC Software review board will evaluate the abstracts on a continual basis and each year, twelve qualified candidates will be selected worldwide and granted software products at no charge. Winners will be notified quarterly, and others may re-apply to the program for later consideration.