Nov 23, 2011

Korea's largest CAM supplier, Hankook Delcam, at Euromold

Korea's largest CAM supplier, Hankook Delcam, will launch a new range of automated manufacturing systems for the mould and die industries at the Euromold exhibition to be held in Frankfurt from 29th November to 2nd December. The company will participate on the Korea Mold Association stand - B112-2 in Hall 9.

The Hankook Delcam Automation Solution (HDAS) is an automated system for CAM programming based on standardization and optimization of manufacturing processes. It captures a company’s machining and manufacturing knowledge so that even inexperienced engineers can produce high quality toolpaths. Automation with HDAS reduces CAM programming times dramatically, while transferring the machining experience of the company’s CAM experts to all of its programmers.

HDAS is composed of three major elements: integrated data management, electrode design and manufacture, and core/cavity design and manufacture. Each solution is supported by Hankook Delcam’s dedicated consultants, with more than 20 years’ experience in helping customers to optimize their machining processes.

The data management module allows companies to organize their output and protect their intellectual property by managing details of products, moulds and dies, and CAM toolpaths, and recording all the data generated during the CADCAM process. This closer monitoring of all operations gives more effective management of processes, equipment and staff by enabling faster decision-making.

HDAS electrode automation is much more than a simple macro program; it is a complete solution designed to give the fastest and most efficient machining of all types of graphite and copper electrode. The optimum tooling and machining strategies are selected automatically based on a detailed analysis of the product shape. These decisions are based on a knowledge database that can be customized for each organization so that knowledge and experience can be shared within the company.

The core/cavity solution offers a similar approach, again based on capturing and using the knowledge of the company’s most experienced CAM operators. In benchmark tests, HDAS reduced CAM programming times by over 50%, while generating optimized, high-quality machining data.

Hankook Delcam is a joint venture of Delcam plc, the world’s leading specialist supplier of CAM software. Founded in 1990, it is now the leading supplier of CAM software in Korea, with more than 1,500 customers, ranging from international corporations like Samsung, LG and Hyundai, to the country’s local toolmaking companies. Outside Korea, Hankook Delcam is best known for organizing the world’s largest CAM user meetings with over 1,000 delegates attending each year.