Nov 28, 2011

Gstarsoft Unveils Exceptional New Features in GstarCAD 2012

Beijing - Gstarsoft, a 2D/3D CAD software provider, today unveiled details about its new GstarCAD 2012 computer-aided design system. Based on mature GRX technology, GstarCAD 2012 is a significant leap ahead in areas of operational stability and performance.

Customers will appreciate the exceptional new features, such as dynamic blocks, 3D lofting, polyline Booleans, and object hide/isolate. These highlight the design-oriented nature of GstarCAD 2012, thereby bringing more convenience and greater flexibility to 2D drawing and 3D design.

In addition, the company announced that the new software is freely available as a no-charge download to any CAD user interested in testing the beta version.

Exciting New Functions
The highlight of GstarCAD 2012 is the new block editor environment. The BEdit command allows users to create and edit dynamic blocks. When placed in drawings, dynamic blocks are easily modified to be longer or shorter, or look completely different.

Other practical functions in GstarCAD 2012 include the ability to attach DWF files as underlays, and to spell-check drawings in eight languages. New commands in this release include Superhatch, block attribute manager, object hide/isolate, and 3D loft. These functions make it more convenient for users to complete designs, and to maintain a high level of compatibility with the latest versions of AutoCAD.

Unique Design-oriented Plug-ins
Another group of new functions is unique to GstarCAD, and so is available only with this release. These include Boolean operations on polylines, CAD sheet to Excel sheet conversion, incremental text copy, on-line text, and extra commands for working with layers.

These exceptional tools were developed for the needs of customers in industries as varied as manufacturing and AEC (architecture, engineering, construction). Unlike the general functions found in other CAD systems, these tools offer a more practical approach, are design-oriented, and are available only with GstarCAD 2012.

Functional Enhancements
There are dozens of other enhancements in GstarCAD 2012, such as the remarkable improvement in performance of drawings with large, high resolution raster images, along with improvements to plotting, 3D hide and shade visualization, hyperlink settings, and system memory control. All these enhancements make GstarCAD 2012 a better platform for designing and drawing.

Improved APIs
The highlight in this release for APIs (application programming interface) is the addition of the IDE (integrated development environment) for LISP. The new IDE makes it more convenient to program and debug LISP code. In addition, a number of VBA functions have been rewritten and optimized in GstarCAD 2012.

Stability and Performance
More than 500 improvements and bug fixes have been integrated into GstarCAD 2012, making it the most stable version since Gstarsoft first introduced its GRX technology. By continuously optimizing the GRX core, GstarCAD 2012 improves its performance in processing design data, as compared to previous versions.

Beta Availability
The pre-release English version of GstarCAD2012 Pro is available now as a 30-day trial, and can be downloaded for free! Gstarsoft anticipates shipping GtartCAD 2012 in December 25th, 2011.