Nov 8, 2011

Geomagic Studio 2012 Line Integrates with Popular MCAD Products

Geomagic Data is Directly Integrated to MCAD Platforms of CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Creo Elements/Pro and SpaceClaim.

Geomagic®, the leading provider of 3D software for creating and inspecting digital models of physical objects, announced its latest Geomagic Studio 2012 software integrates seamlessly with popular MCAD products.

Geomagic’s latest line of intuitive software includes the Parametric Exchange features in its Geomagic Studio 2012 product which enable very fast, comprehensive exchange of history-based 3D data into CAD software platforms. These exchange features make it fast and effortless to create immediately usable 3D CAD files for ongoing engineering and product design directly from real life data.

The exchange features work by transferring parametric exchange data directly into SolidWorks ®, Autodesk® Inventor®, Creo Elements/Pro™ (Pro/ENGINEER) and CATIA®. Direct exchange of data into SpaceClaim® is now also available as standard in Geomagic Studio 2012.

“Our focus is to enable parametric exchange of data from Geomagic Studio into mainstream MCAD products to fit neatly into engineers’ workflows,” said Karl Matthews, VP of Product Management, Geomagic. “The use of scanned data into today’s design and engineering processes should be fast, easy and seamless, and the release of Geomagic Studio 2012 with the Parametric Exchange achieves that need.”

This latest powerful line of software from Geomagic is capable of integrating data from multiple 3D scanner types, to include enhanced probed data handling, and for Geomagic’s Studio 2012 to provide automated alignment, clean up and surfacing mechanisms to quickly produce perfect 3D digital data for MCAD systems. Geomagic Studio provides enhanced rapid design of new products, redesign and recreation of existing products and parts.

"Geomagic's Parametric Exchange works smoothly and accurately into the CAD systems that I use," said Robert Conley, owner, Interactive CAD Solutions. "It is a perfect fit for my engineering workflows where I need to quickly get accurate data from scanned objects into CAD for further engineering."

In addition to powerful features that enable rapid product development, Geomagic offers the best customer experience with ongoing support to include training and free trial software, as well as comprehensive online learning resources and services.