Nov 8, 2011

Geomagic Releases Geomagic Wrap 2012

Affordable Geomagic Wrap 2012 Software Performs With Precision and Ease.

Geomagic®, the leading provider of 3D software for creating and inspecting digital models of physical objects, today released the powerful Geomagic Wrap 2012 software, a complete solution for capturing probe data and processing 3D point cloud data to easily produce accurate polygonal models, cross-section profiles, and geometric features.

Revolutionizing digital design, Geomagic Wrap 2012 leads the industry with a fast, user-friendly solution that delivers automated mechanisms to precisely transform input data into usable 3D data. The software is widely used by engineers, artists, innovators, movie makers, archeologists, designers, as well as others from almost every walk of life, to rapidly turn physical objects into digital models. The data is used for capturing 3D objects and fine details, for sculpture, new product designs, testing an innovation, visual effects, 3D printing and more.

This latest version delivers tools for intuitive, intelligent processing of scan and probe data, automated and precise remeshing of imported 3D polygon data, as well as increased data handling performance, enhanced sketching tools, and the addition of a new scripting environment for advanced automation of key commands. New with Geomagic Wrap 2012 are features for navigating and visualizing scene-based data, as captured with mid-range and long-range 3D scanners.

The ability to export superior 3D data from scan data into all industry-standard polygonal formats enables rapid use in design, visualization, prototyping and archival thereby improving productivity.

New Features Include:

New Sketch Edit commands for intuitive, direct creation and editing of cross-section curves from point clouds, probed data and polygon models.
Improved performance in terms of both speed and data capacity via better use of multithreading and improved memory management.
User interface improvements such as new polyline selection tool and context-sensitive right mouse menu.
New Remesh command processes STLs generated by third-party applications (e.g. CAD, FEA) to improve mesh density and uniformity of polygon models for cleaner, more usable 3D models for Digital Content Creation (DCC) and 3D printing.
Upgraded handling of mid-range scanner data and visualization of point clouds for scene-level 3D models.
New Patch command for complex model repair and hole filling.
Significantly upgraded handling of mid-range scanner data and visualization of large point clouds to assist with mechanical and BIM workflows, plus improved walkthrough functions for improved visualization of the 3D data.
Enhanced support for probing workflows which includes: Accurate measurement and creation of features using touch probes, portable CMM arms and similar equipment; new feature types for single point circles and min and max points; Creating sketches using probe capture and section planes; measurement gallery for fast and simple measurements; better transformation/alignment controls. Robust scripting environment extends customizes and automates functions with deep access into selected commands in the software.

“Geomagic Wrap 2012 is by far the most high performance version ever, and it delivers even easier tools for using medium- to long-range data, greater power of processing scans and more exact sketching tools,” said Lori Collins, Research Assistant Professor and Director, Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies. “Geomagic has always been the easiest to use and learn. Now it is even more powerful with no loss of the inspired interface and usability of the products.”

In addition to powerful features that enable rapid product development, Geomagic offers the best customer experience with ongoing support to include training and free trial software, as well as comprehensive online learning resources and services.

Geomagic Wrap 2012 will also be available to many scanner users in the form of Geomagic Wrap 2012 OEM Edition. This software is delivered exclusively as a bundled solution delivered by selected scanner vendors. Geomagic Wrap 2012 OEM Edition will include many of the new features in Geomagic Wrap 2012, including the significant processing and speed improvements in this latest version, probing and latest walkthrough features.

Geomagic Wrap 2012 users can benefit from an easy upgrade path to Geomagic Studio 2012, professional-level reverse engineering software, which makes advanced surfacing to NURBS and creation of parametric CAD models directly from scan data easy, fast and quick.