Nov 1, 2011

ETRAGE LLC Integrates IFS Applications and ShipConstructor Software

ETRAGE LLC, The Engineering Automation Company, today announced that it has integrated the IFS Applications suite and the Autodesk based ShipConstructor CAD/CAM application with the recently developed Etrage Integration Server (EIS).

The EIS is a flexible, modular data transfer "backbone" that can integrate business systems such as PLM, ERP and MRP systems as well as design databases for a robust, bidirectional exchange of data between these systems.

The IFS Applications – ShipConstructor Integration transfers Bills of Materials (BOM), viewables, part numbers, attributes and more between assembly drawings automatically created by ShipConstructor and IFS Applications. This capability eliminates manual data entry and processes, prevents errors and ensures that manufacturing has access to the latest BOM and drawings from the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

“There are many business, design and information systems that need to be integrated or need better integration,” states Ron Zabilski, Director of Etrage Sales and Marketing. “This is the first of many integrations that Etrage will be building with EIS.”

IFS realized from its beginning that easy software integration was important, and that is why it was one of the first global enterprise vendors to move to a service-oriented architecture (SOA). It is this open architecture that has enabled Etrage to quickly develop a packaged integration connector using their EIS framework, which adheres to open integration standards.

“As an enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise asset management (EAM) vendor that is committed to providing full Asset Lifecycle Management solutions to our customers, including robust engineering data and process integration, we welcome this new development,” IFS North America Chief Technology Officer Rick Veague said. “Etrage is delivering additional flexibility and efficiency when it comes to integrating engineering product data with IFS Applications. We recognize our customers value efficiency and flexibility, and this is a very positive development.”

The integration performed by ETRAGE is an example of the strength of ShipConstructor’s Autodesk based open architecture,” states Denis Morais, Chief Technology Officer for ShipConstructor Software Inc. “The ability to integrate CAD data with ERP and other enterprise applications is important for a complete shipbuilding software solution.”

For a demonstration of the IFS Applications – ShipConstructor integration using the Etrage Integration Server, please Email sales@etrage.com or contact Ron Zabilski at 978.922.2012.