Nov 22, 2011

EGSolutions to demostrate its Leios latest release at Euromold in Frankfurt

EGSolutions, today leader in the development of the most advanced techniques for digital model processing will launch Leios 2 at Euromold 2011.

Leios 2 provides the easiest, fastest, most powerful and affordable route from 3D scanner to CAD of choice, making elaboration of 3D scans, editing of triangle meshes and fitting as easy as ever.

With Leios it's possible to acquire datasets from any kind of 3D scanner, to transform the point cloud into a NURBS mathematical model easy and quickly with complete control of each step and to analyse the results with powerful inspection tools.

Key features of Leios 2:

Streamlined workflow – Leios 2 features wizards and other automatic tools help users build the features directly from 3D scan data. A smarter and accessible user interface gives users more time to concentrate in important tasks rather than wondering how to use the software.

Faster time to market approach – Wizard approach dramatically shortens time to market, providing one-click functions for the most common uses (prepare the meshes for prototyping, fitting, archiving and CAD software in a few steps).

Scanner integration and CAD friendly output – Direct integration with the most popular 3D scanners on the market with dedicated tools for quick point clouds and mesh optimization and full support for textures and huge raw datasets. Brand new fit 2D sketch function, to allow direct editing of cross section into finite elements to create precise profiles.

Boost in hardware performance – Leios 2 makes extended use of all the memory and CPU available in your workstation of choice, making your investment worth the time saved on processing data.

Free creativity – Mesh sculpting tools allowing free-form mesh modification by adding and removing material, with total control on the area and weight of the virtual scalpel.

Leios 2 and LeioScan are based on LMLib, EGSolutions geometric library for third-party applications.