Nov 14, 2011

Design Data Announces Availability of SDS/2 Connect

Add-In For Autodesk Revit Structure Helps Automatically Create Steelwork Design Connections.

Design Data, a leading provider of 3D detailing and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, announced the availability of SDS/2 Connect, an add-in for Autodesk® Revit® Structure software that automatically designs connections within the Revit® environment. The combination of Revit Structure with SDS/2 Connect helps make it possible for structural engineers and fabricators to design, conduct code check analysis, and extend steelwork designs to fabrication within a BIM workflow.

"This product is truly a game changer for the AEC industry," said Design Data President Damon Scaggs. "Combining our expertise in steelwork connection design and fabrication technology with Autodesk's BIM platform provides engineers functionality that will help save time and increase quality in creating more accurate BIM Models."

Revit Structure users who have installed SDS/2 Connect can automatically design steelwork connections and print out all corresponding design calculations at the push of a button. These connections are designed based off an extensive setup that has been developed in the SDS/2 Detailing product over the past 30 years. Using a specific input reaction or a percentage of uniform allowable load, SDS/2 automatically determines the correct hole and weld sizes, plate thickness and bolt types for each connection and creates the solid representation.

"Autodesk is dedicated to extending BIM across the building lifecycle," said Jim Lynch, vice president, building and strategic technology, Architecture, Engineering and Construction Solutions, Autodesk. "Working with industry partners such as Design Data enables us to extend the BIM workflow from design to fabrication, for the structural engineering industry."

Included with SDS/2 Connect is the ability to round trip (transfer data back and forth between software products) the model and connection information with SDS/2 Detailing software. It is invaluable for engineers who desire to specify exact connections because they can transfer all the information to detailers using SDS/2, which eliminates any guess work or ambiguity. SDS/2 users can then make the needed model additions and modifications, and transfer only the changes or the entire model back to engineers who have installed the SDS/2 Connect add-in.

"With BIM becoming more and more prevalent, we are excited to introduce our fabrication technology within Autodesk's BIM platform," said Scaggs. "Revit Structures users benefit by moving their models closer to fabrication, and our customers benefit by gaining a new interface to incorporate fabrication needs during the Revit BIM model creation phase, which should help reduce timelines of the project."

SDS/2 Connect is available for purchase at http://sds2connect.com/. The investment to add the SDS/2 Connect add-in to Revit Structure is $1,500 per license. Users can also download a free 30-day trial from the site.