Nov 6, 2011

Delcam’s contribution to Future of Metal Cutting

Delcam will promote its wide range of software and services in manufacturing at the Future in Metal Cutting Conference to held on November 8th at the Toronto Congress Centre. A special presentation will be held during the conference by Account Manager Mark Sully, on multi-axis machining and how companies using these processes can increase productivity, improve accuracy and shorten lead times.

Delcam is rated by US analysts CIMdata as the leading specialist supplier of CAM software. With PowerMILL for high-speed and five-axis machining, FeatureCAM for feature-based production machining, and PartMaker for automating of multi-axis turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes. With such a wide range of software programs to offer Delcam has a larger range of software solutions for CNC equipment, than any other supplier in the industry.

The increased popularity of Delcam software is partly due to the new emphasis on efficiency and productivity within companies that previously would have simply used the CAM system that came with their choice of CAD software. "With the level of global competition now increasing, companies are looking at their choice of CAM system much more carefully,” says Mark Sully. "This closer examination often shows that Delcam’s software can give significant savings, both in programming times and in machining times, as well as improving the quality of the finished part.”

Over the years machine tool manufacturers have made their equipment much more productive, in particular through the development of high-speed machining and through the introduction of five-axis and multi-tasking equipment. However, the time taken to generate the machining programs can still make the overall production time too long, especially when only a single item or a small number of parts is needed.

FeatureCAM overcomes this barrier because it incorporates feature-based and knowledge-based technology for programming methods that provide a higher level of automation than is available in other CAM software. This makes the generation of toolpaths faster and easier, and ensures that even inexperienced or non-CAM specialist can learn to produce high-quality results.