Nov 25, 2011

Delcam launches new website for manufacturing services subsidiary

Delcam has launched a new dedicated website, www.delcam-services.com, for its manufacturing services subsidiary, Delcam Professional Services Ltd. This is the latest stage in the current expansion under way for its process development and prototype manufacturing activities.

The primary focus of DPS continues to be working with clients, mainly in the aerospace and power generation industries, to improve their manufacturing processes by increasing productivity, improving accuracy and shortening lead times. In particular, this is achieved through the use of adaptive machining, Delcam’s unique combination of machining and inspection technology.

Services described on the web site vary from the provision of extra design and programming resources when the customer’s existing staff are overloaded, through to developing completely new turn-key processes for the production of novel designs, including the manufacture of prototypes or initial production runs. These services are attracting increased demand as many companies now find that their engineering resource is needed to maintain their on-going operations, leaving them limited capacity to introduce new products and develop new processes.