Nov 23, 2011

Dalian GONA to integrate MachineWorks Software

Dalian GONA, a leading Chinese manufacturer of CNC controllers and machine tools has signed a licence agreement and become the latest partner of MachineWorks Limited, supplier of CNC simulation and verification software solutions.

GONA is integrating MachineWorks' proven technology into its control software to create simulation and clash detection applications for its PC based controllers.

MachineWorks technology has provided the clash detection and material removal functionality to allow CNC hardware manufacturers such as GONA to create their own visual simulation with look-ahead abilities to prevent any possible clashes between the tool, the stock and the machine.

"We looked at the available technologies and decided that MachineWorks' track record in controller-based simulation solutions made their technology the only real choice for our project. We look forward to carry on working with MachineWorks to create a world-class product , which can bring advanced features and safety to CNC machine tools ." Says Dr Chen Hu, Chief Engineer at GONA.

Dalian GONA is currently supplying thousands of PC based CNC controllers to the Chinese market and is seeing a growing demand both inside and outside their home borders. GONA's strategic plan is to meet this demand whilst delivering a state-of-the-art solution by upgrading the power and capabilities of their CNC machine controllers.

As CNC machines get more complex and operators get more used to graphics, CNC controllers must offer much more functionality. GONA wants to provide customers with intelligent solutions that avoid unnecessary errors and wasted time.

MachineWorks functionality can be used in a wide range of applications that run on controllers. These can check manually input part programs for clashes and gouges prior to cutting, or can be complete Collision Avoidance Systems that use advanced look-ahead abilities and will automatically stop the machine if a collision is imminent.