Nov 21, 2011

Cambashi predicts growth in technical applications for manufacturing across Asia/Pacific region

Vietnam joins China, India in growth of technical software spend in manufacturing.

Today Cambashi released its market forecast figures for the Asia Pacific region derived from the Cambashi Country Observatory. The forecast predicts continued growth for technical software applications in the manufacturing industry sector. Among the larger economies, Cambashi expects Vietnam to have higher growth than India, second only to China in the region.

This market forecast shows that the strong growth in China and India, long associated with the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) emerging economies phenomenon, is not isolated to those countries, but reflects growth throughout the Asia Pacific area. These figures are based on the currency typically used in transactions locally and are a strong reflection of real growth.

Cambashi is revealing this data with the availability of the Cambashi Market Observatories Q3 2011. This includes the latest market sizing and forecasts for the technical application software market.

The Cambashi Market Observatories provide a four-way view on the AEC, CAD, CAM, PLM, CAE and GIS application software market by country, industry, economic activity and product line. The third quarter releases of 2011 bring the observatories up to date with the latest market forecasts and company reports.

This quarter also sees the release of the Cambashi Employment Observatory 2012, which provides data on the size of the economically active population by industry and occupation for over 50 countries. The Cambashi Employment Observatory measures and assesses the potential user community for applications software.

“These studies show that, despite economic volatility, there are still places where demand for technical software is growing fast. Those suppliers who can adjust their resources to respond to this demand in Asia are more likely to continue to grow in a difficult economy,” said Mike Evans, Research Director, Cambashi.