Nov 2, 2011

BETA CAE Systems S.A. announces the release of µETA v6.7.1 with enhancements, new features and important code corrections

The official software release comprises the latest meta_post_v6.7.1 files dated November 2nd, 2011. These replace any pre-releases and files downloaded prior to this date.

New features introduced

Improved speed of interactively selecting entities from the screen.
New Scalar results, named Puck X and Puck Y, for the post-processing of composites.
Groups created from Nastran SETs when geometry is read from .op2 files.
Column for PShell thickness is now available in the lists of the Statistics, Pids and Mids tools.
Greatly improved speed of scanning and plotting Abaqus and LS-Dyna files in the 2D Plot tool.
One-node, MPC, MASS and BUSH connections are now supported in the FRF Assembly tool.
New toolbar named Strain Energy Bar Chart for creating bar diagrams of Strain Energy at Parts when post-processing Eigenmode Nastran results.
Capability to change the fill-colour of cells in the Spreadsheet Editor, according to the value in the cell and the fringebar in use.

Known issues resolved

Nastran composite results would not be read correctly if a model included PCOMP layers with the SOUT(i) option set to “NO”.
Certain Radioss .erf files would not be read correctly.
It was not possible to transform ANSYS results to local coordinate systems.
Several issues related to the Fringebar.
Various issues related to the 2D Plot tool.


µETA v6.7.1 can only run with beta_lm_tools v6.0 or later. The latest beta_lm_tools version is v6.3.
The .metadb files saved by the later versions of µETA are fully compatible and can be opened by earlier versions of µETA


Where to download from

Customers who are served directly by BETA CAE Systems S.A. may download the new software, examples and documentation from their account in our server. They can access their account through the user login link at http://www.beta-cae.gr