Nov 2, 2011

Alcove9 releases v7 Intranet Search Engine for Engineering & Manufacturing

Alcove9 LLC, based in Oxford, Michigan launched the latest release of its premier Suite of Search Products and Support Services today. The cornerstone of the Suite, the a9 Hub, is based on an open source platform that provides instant access to all data; lost, legacy or vital, in what is called The 2-Second Search.

Already in use by hundreds of companies, in its proven third generation of v7, Alcove9 covers every aspect of the typical frustrations that plague companies today who are trying to find information in millions of documents, folders and systems.

The Alcove9 Suite of Products includes:
The a9 Hub - the cornerstone of the Alcove9 product line up. The a9 Hub is the workhorse software that finds, sorts, categorizes and displays all data and file types in an easy-to-use, scalable, flexible and secure system. It allows you to find Vital, Lost or Legacy data and information in your systems.
The a9 CADViz – this sophisticated add-on allows you to find, visualize, annotate and markup your CAD files/models, thereby reducing the need for expensive CAD licenses that are only used by the non-technical or occasional user.

The a9 AppConect – this is a series of application connectors designed to link you to information in various systems like ERP, MRO, ECM, RM, PDM and PLM. THE A9 APPCONNECT FOR ARAS INNOVATOR™ - Your door to PLM search. In this category, we are proud to feature the a9 AppConnect for Aras Innovator™. The Aras AppConnect provides instant access to enterprise-wide product information, improving productivity, optimizing design time and reuse, accelerating time-to-market and reducing new product development costs. Like Alcove9, Aras is based on an open source framework that provides an advanced, robust, flexible PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) platform ideal for large-scale, geographically dispersed companies.

The Alcove9 pricing and subscription structure is based on a flexible, a-la-carte set of options that allows the organization to select only what they need as it relates to users, servers and applications. With Gold and Platinum subscription levels, subscribers will experience superior customer service via online chat, community boards, FAQ’s, email queries, updates, fixes and live phone support.

Alcove9 LLC offers advanced intrAnet search solutions on an open-source platform for all industry sectors. Alcove9 LLC has significant experience in CAD/CAM, PLM, ERP and ECM systems.

The current iteration of Alcove9 provides a simple solution that helps individuals and companies to decrease the daily challenges and frustrations of accessing, viewing and categorizing product data that may exist in multiple and disparate repositories, applications or content formats.

Alcove9 provides browser-based access along with powerful discovery and analysis tools. Alcove9 has mature functionality and features that deliver a highly scalable, flexible and secure search solution that allows companies to reduce license fees, improve design reuse and increase productivity.