Oct 12, 2011

ZW3D Environmental Design Contest Extended

Guangzhou, China - Recently, ZWSOFT has received lots of enquiries from its members and clients on the ZW3D Environmental Design Contest. Most of the members and clients reflect that it takes more time to design with ZW3D comparing to ZWCAD due to the difference between 3D software and 2D software. To meet the needs of our users, ZWSOFT decides to extend the deadline of ZW3D Environmental Design Contest from November 15 to December 15, 2011.

ZWSOFT is asking students and professionals to create designs with its ZW3D modeling software, designing something that highlights the vision and mission of Clean Up the World. Examples of 3D models could include industrial and home sweepers, computer cleaning devices, effective mops and wringer buckets, and any other creatively-designed device for cleaning up our world.

There will be three winners selected after the contest closes:

One winner with the largest number of peer votes will receive the latest version of Apple iPhone. (We sincerely apologize that iPhone 5 may not be available as Apple has launched iPhone 4S instead of the expected iPhone 5. Therefore, we have to change the prize from iPhone 5 to the latest version of Apple iPhone.)

Two winners selected by the panel of judges will receive an Apple iPad 2.