Oct 13, 2011

WorkXPlore 3D, powerful CAD viewing software - now in ten languages

WorkXPlore 3D, Sescoi’s award winning high-speed CAD viewing, mark-up, and analysis software is now available in Chinese and Korean. The software is already available in another eight languages - English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Czech bringing the new total of localized versions of the software to ten.

Trial and free versions of the software, which have already been downloaded by thousands of engineers, are available from the www.workxplore-3d.com website. The website, which is available in seven languages, includes free tutorials so that users can take a step-by-step tour of WorkXPlore 3D, making learning how to use the intuitive interface and getting the best from the system very easy indeed.

Affordably priced commercial and free versions of the software make it economical for companies of all sizes to share designs around the company, its suppliers and its supply chain. Well known names such as Volkswagen and All Nippon Airways have already implemented WorkXPlore 3D to enhance the efficiency of their 3D file management.

The software can import 3D models from a wide range of popular CAD systems including CATIATM, SolidworksTM, ParasolidTM, , UnigraphicsTM and Pro/EngTM as well as neutral file formats such as IGES, STEP and STL. Measuring, analysis and annotation tools allow engineers to carry out a thorough investigation of the design including checking features such as dimensions, collisions and draft angles. Additionally, those involved in the design process can add comments and notes, and create views and exploded assemblies. WorkXPlore 3D can import even very large models at high-speed, while its own lightweight file format makes it easy to share the data across the Internet.

Sescoi has designed WorkXPlore 3D to make collaborative and concurrent working an affordable reality. By sharing data with many more people than is normally possible, designs can be optimized far more quickly and potential problems detected sooner. With ten languages available and version 3 of the software, which includes some major enhancements, due for release at the end of 2011, WorkXPlore 3D is truly a global solution for companies that want to get high quality products to market faster.