Oct 26, 2011

With the Right Tools, Students Engage with Engineering & Manufacturing

A1 Technologies brings 3D Digital Technologies in to the hands of students at the Duxford Engineering Festival and the results were immensely positive.

London, UK: Last week saw A1 Technologies participate at the Engineering Festival, a regional event organized by STEM Team East and run in partnership with the Department of Learning at IWM Duxford and Makespace. The event was set up to allow students to experience and learn about the importance and strength of engineering technology and its place in future global development — a key strategy that A1 Technologies embraces fully.

The first event of its kind, the Engineering Festival was a window on engineering, by engineers, for the engineers of the future. Martin Stevens, CEO of A1 Technologies, is pleased to report that the event met and indeed exceeded these expectations. “We are totally exhausted but exhilarated after a fantastic day at the Imperial War Museum Duxford — the students we met, in great numbers I might add, were so enthusiastic and keen to try out our technologies for themselves.” A1 Technologies, as ever, took along its full portfolio of low-cost, integrated and accessible 3D digital technologies, which includes 3D design, 3D printing, 3D laser scanning and a 5 axis CNC machine. Experience has shown that nothing works better than putting the products into the hands of students to enable them to understand the power and potential of 3D tools. This proved to be the case once again as students inundated the stand to have a go.

Martin commented, “The Chameleon 3D Design package proved a particular hit. It was pretty amazing to watch, even after only a brief introduction to the technology — 5 minutes or so — students would be sitting down and designing for themselves. Some of the designs were really impressive and showed real understanding of the capabilities of the software.”

A1 Technologies will continue to promote the need to get students involved with 3d digital technologies with a view to advancing the engineering and manufacturing skills of future generations.

Established in 2009, A1 Technologies supplies highly affordable, entry-level 3D digital technologies to educational and industrial organisations in the UK. The company has a strong background in advanced technologies for design, engineering and manufacturing and a philosophy of promoting these technologies at the earliest opportunity in school curriculums to encourage understanding and uptake by tomorrow’s engineers. A1 Technologies works to democratize 3D digital technologies for everyone and to this end, the full range can be acquired separately for particular applications or procured as an integrated package — all at ultra low prices that cannot be matched. The A1 portfolio stands out as the most innovative 3D digital technology offering on the market today because it is within the reach of everyone — both in terms of budget and ease of use. Individuals, educational institutions from kindergarten to university stages, as well as commercial organizations can now all realistically consider the potential advantages of embracing 3D digital technologies.