Oct 21, 2011

Successful data exchange: Certified CAD project template for North Rhine-Westphalia

Nemetschek Allplan is now offering a further certified CAD project template for successful data exchange with government clients. For architects and civil engineers, this will considerably simplify collaboration with BLB NRW, the owner of almost all the North Rhine-Westphalia federal state's properties.

"In a national comparison, the construction industry in North Rhine-Westphalia is a cornerstone. This is a decisive reason for all Allplan users to work with the new projects template and ensure a competitive advantage with regard to government clients. In addition, use of the certified CAD project template increases productivity in project creation and handover, and reduces internal production costs for personnel deployment," explains Danny Seiler, Head of Direct Sales at Nemetschek Deutschland GmbH.

Successful data exchange: Allplan − AutoCAD

Nemetschek Allplan developed a new project template in close collaboration with BLB NRW: By taking advantage of it, Allplan users can exchange building projects and data in compliance with BLB NRW's specifications – at a certified level of quality. In the Allplan Connect service portal at www.allplan-connect.com, Serviceplus customers will also find many other projects template that are free to download.

Simple and automatic functions

The project template is installed via automatic setup. The project template contains a predefined layer structure as well as Allplan wizards, and has default settings for the most important elements such as layers or format properties. All settings meet the BLB NRW specifications and guidelines. A file carries out export; smooth assignment during conversion to AutoCAD is therefore guaranteed. In addition, the project template contains information on the respective organization and the related specifications.

The following elements have been certified: File formats for drawings, layer structures and layer structure layout, blocks with attributes, texts, text styles, fonts, dimensions, 2D elements and objects, user coordinates system, model area, layout area, colors, line types and widths, plot styles, hatchings, scales, units, drawing frames and labels, base point and room definition via IFC 2x3.

"Government building projects often require strict compliance with specifications. The numerous Allplan projects template considerably reduce the administrative effort for architects and civil engineers, and thus enable them to focus on their core work – planning and designing," says Robert Bäck, Architecture Product Manager, Nemetschek Allplan GmbH.