Oct 21, 2011

SoftInWay And OPEN MIND Announce A Free Joined Webinar "Workflow For Optimizing And Manufacturing Turbomachinery Components"

SoftInWay Inc., has scheduled a new webinar titled "Workflow for Optimizing and Manufacturing Turbomachinery Components" together with OPEN MIND. The webinar take place November 3rd at 10 am and 4 pm EDT.

During this webinar, the attendees will learn how the software solutions of SoftInWay and OPEN MIND can greatly improve the speed, cost and efficiency at every stage in the retrofitting of turbo machinery equipment - from capturing existing conditions, to performance optimization, to efficient manufacturing.

The webinar will cover:

• AxSLICE (a new AxSTREAM module) to load scanned blade data (cloud of points).
• AxSTREAM for analysis and optimization of existing turbo machines performances.
• hyperMILL to finalize design features and to generate machining process for any suitable five-axis machining centre.

"We are always looking into to the future of improving the turbomachinery technology landscape and providing integrated solutions to our clients and partners. We think that together with OPEN MIND, we can show a joined, single, integrated process that will prove to add a lot of value to the engineering community." said Mr. Valentine Moroz, Chief Operating Officer of SoftInWay Inc.

Alan Levine, Managing Director of OPEN MIND Technologies USA, Inc. adds that "OPEN MIND has provided the market with a unique combination of CAD capability, general CAM strategies, and specialized machining applications for turbomachinery. The combined hyperMILL solution provides benefits throughout the end-users manufacturing requirements."

To register or learn more about this webinar, please visit: http://www.softinway.com/education/webinar.asp