Oct 21, 2011

Robust Control Toolbox and Simulink Control Design Simplify Complex Control Systems Tuning in Simulink

MathWorks today announced new versions of two products, Robust Control Toolbox and Simulink Control Design, that enable engineers to automatically tune complex control systems modeled in Simulink.

Most embedded control systems have a fixed, decentralized architecture with simple tunable elements such as gains, PID controllers, and low-order filters. Enhancements to Robust Control Toolbox and Simulink Control Design let engineers automatically tune all controller elements without changing the controller structure. This eliminates the need for tedious and time-consuming methods of tuning multiloop, decentralized control systems such as successive loop closure.

With the new capabilities, control engineers can:

Select Simulink blocks to tune
Specify requirements for bandwidth, stability margins, and tracking performance
Automatically tune all control system parameters simultaneously
Update selected Simulink blocks with tuned values

The resulting design can be verified by simulating the model.

Learn more about tuning complex controllers modeled in Simulink by visiting mathworks.com/products/robust.