Oct 17, 2011

QA Graphics announces hiring of Josh Miller

Josh Miller has been hired as the QA Graphics's newest graphic designer.

He has joined the company’s interactive design team to assist in creating designs for rich internet applications, touchscreen applications and mobile applications. A majority of his work will involve designing for QA Graphics’ award-winning solution, the Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard®.

Josh earned his Bachelor’s of Arts in cinema, with an emphasis in animation from the University of Iowa. He also earned a second Bachelor’s of Arts in journalism and mass communications with an emphasis in broadcast journalism. Prior to joining QA Graphics, Josh worked as a contracted freelancer for Grasshorse Studios in southern Iowa where he was responsible for a variety of work including film editing, visual effects, animations, and mobile application graphics creation. QA Graphics is excited to welcome Josh to the team.

QA Graphics is an interactive graphic design company specializing in graphical user interfaces, interactive design, 3D design and animation, interactive content and other multimedia solutions. The company is also a leader in providing creative solutions for the building automation and green building industries, providing graphic outsourcing services and 3D displays to help educate the public about energy efficiency and a building’s sustainable efforts.