Oct 19, 2011

New STK/SOLIS Software Delivers Mission, Trajectory and Spacecraft Simulation

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) today introduced STK/SOLIS—a complete spacecraft simulation software package that integrates high-fidelity spacecraft simulation with mission and trajectory modeling. Developed for AGI’s STK analysis and visualization software, the STK/SOLIS module allows users to analyze spacecraft design with the broader mission in mind. Engineers can rapidly evaluate system designs for optimal flight configuration, including full rotational dynamics; attitude determination and control; sensor and actuator models; and power and payload modeling—all of which improve design and verification processes.

STK/SOLIS was developed by Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI), an AGI business partner specializing in guidance, navigation and control systems, embedded flight software solutions and mission-information technology flight software. “Our unique approach revolutionizes spacecraft design and simulation,” says ASI’s President John Cuseo. “It provides the user with a high-fidelity software simulation package that’s integrated with STK, the industry-standard mission analysis tool that most spacecraft operators are already using. STK/SOLIS seamlessly integrates spacecraft flight software for a true closed-loop spacecraft system emulation supporting the entire development life cycle.”

“We’re pleased to bring this product to the spacecraft design community,” says Kevin Flood, AGI’s vice president of product management and support. “We fully expect to reduce the cost of developing spacecraft by more than 50% while accelerating development timelines by two to four times, just as we’ve done across our current customer base.”

For further information on STK/SOLIS, go to its product page on the AGI website or download an on-demand webinar.