Oct 18, 2011

New Solid Edge Web Portal Speeds Design by Providing Millions of Supplier Parts

Powered by CADENAS' Strategic Parts Management System, New Portal Enables Rapid Configuration of Precisely Modeled Commercial Products in Native 3D Solid Edge Format.

Siemens PLM Software today announced a new supplier parts catalog web portal for Solid Edge® software – including the latest release, Solid Edge ST4 – that provides access to a massive number of commercially available and purchasable components and assemblies, in 3D native Solid Edge format. Eliminating the time needed to manually model purchased, supplier or catalog parts, the new on-line catalog – enabled through a new partnership with CADENAS GmbH – helps Solid Edge customers significantly improve product design productivity, quality and time-to-market.

“With today’s announcement, our Solid Edge customers now have access to millions of commercial, purchasable components they can drop right into their product designs without the need for additional modeling or the time consuming effort of understanding supplier product configurations or looking up part numbers,” said John Fox, vice president of Velocity Series Marketing, Siemens PLM Software. “In addition to this clear boost in productivity and design integrity, our customers will also benefit from knowing that the supplier parts they are incorporating into their products are orderable, available and certified by the manufacturers. The result is a reduction of potential production delays, enhancing Solid Edge users’ ability to get their products to market ahead of the competition.”

Proven strategic parts management

The new web portal announced today provides individuals with access to a Solid Edge specific version of the PARTsolutions 3D catalog management system from CADENAS, a leading software manufacturer in strategic parts management and electronic product catalogs. The system enables Solid Edge users to quickly find, reuse and control commercial parts, providing several methods of searching the data base, checking if configured parts have been previously downloaded, and controlling or restricting catalog access with project specific login.

The web portal contains no actual solid models because each native 3D Solid Edge model is built to order in real time. As a result, users have access to a massive number of parts – such as valves, actuators, bearings, etc. – and the system will automatically configure only the possible product sizes, options and features that are orderable and available from the manufacturers. Over 300 catalogs are available, with any one catalog having the ability to configure millions of components. By charging a fee to the companies represented on solidedge.partcommunity.com, CADENAS is able to provide models at no charge to Solid Edge users without infringing copyrights. End users can search for catalog parts based on a unique vendor or part number, and the ability to search for parts based on geometric size – which is useful when the shape is known but not the vendor – is expected to be available before the end of the year.

After a part or assembly has been selected, a complete package of information and geometry is available for instant access via e-mail, or via download to a directory on the user’s computer or directly into Solid Edge. In addition to the accurate 3D Solid Edge model – complete with a full feature tree and all defined interfaces necessary to easily model connecting parts – the user can also chose to receive detailed electronic product sheets and 2D views of the standard parts to be used in engineering drawings. Standard components are certified by each manufacturer to be accurate in geometric configurations and part numbers, ensuring proper form, fit and function within the final Solid Edge product design. The end result is significantly reduced assembly design time along with the ability to create more realistic assemblies and accurate parts lists with no additional work.

To ensure investment protection for users working with earlier versions of Solid Edge, Siemens PLM Software and CADENAS have made sure the models created through the new web portal are accessible to customers using versions as far back as Solid Edge 17. In addition, customers upgrading to Solid Edge ST4 will benefit from having a link to the portal from the main Solid Edge startup screen.