Oct 13, 2011

MSC Software and The Ohio State University Collaborate on Vehicle Design Innovation Research

MSC's FEA and Motion simulation products are being used to facilitate cutting edge research in automotive design innovation.

MSC Software Corporation today announced its collaboration progress with the Smart Vehicle Concepts Center (SVC) at The Ohio State University, where they focus on key research projects that will vastly improve vehicle design and ultimately lead to enhanced vehicle performance.

The mission of the SVC is as follows: (1) conduct basic and applied research on the characterization of smart materials; (2) build an unmatched base of research, engineering education, and technology transfer with emphasis on improved vehicle performance; and (3) develop well-trained engineers and researchers (at the MS and PhD levels) with both experimental and theoretical viewpoints.

MSC Software was granted the 'Invited Observer' status within the SVC based on in-kind support (in terms of software) as well as endorsement by the SVC Industrial Advisory Board. The software provided by MSC includes The University FEA Bundle featuring MD Nastran, Patran, Marc, & Dytran; and The University Motion Bundle featuring MD Adams, Adams/Car, & Easy5. The SVC was provided with a 5-user pack of annual, networked, academic licenses for each bundle to facilitate cutting edge research.

At the Fifth Semi-Annual Meeting that will be held February 8-9, 2012 at The Ohio State University, MSC Software will be giving a short course on "Materials Modeling Using Finite Elements". The SVC is very excited to provide this course at their meeting.

Professor Singh talked about the benefits of collaborating with MSC Software, "Utilizing MSC's simulation technology is a win/win situation for our students as it provides the opportunity to work with the latest calculation codes. This capability allows the students to verify their analytical solutions and to justify their assumptions."

The Smart Vehicle Concepts Center (SVC)

The Smart Vehicle Concepts Center (SVC) based at The Ohio State University was launched in July 2007. The Center is supported through a grant by the National Science Foundation and through industry sponsorship. Current projects include the development of smart materials and devices for vehicle use. This pre-competitive technology is shared among contributing members. Currently headed by Professor Rajendra Singh of The Ohio State University, its sponsors include 9 industrial members, 2 affiliate members and 3 invited observers, with MSC Software being one of them.