Oct 13, 2011

Matereality releases DatabaseLite, a free material database for ANSYS Workbench

DatabaseLite for ANSYS, a free material database, and CAE ModelerTM software from Matereality, LLC, allows users to explore the full power of linear and nonlinear simulation within ANSYS® WorkbenchTM. The combination of ANSYS (NASDAQ: ANSS) and Matereality technologies means engineers can have confidence that the products they design will behave as intended in the real world.

CAE Modeler is designed to operate within the ANSYS Workbench platform. It presents a highly interactive environment in which users can transform raw material data into an ANSYS material model and review, edit or update the model as needed, all within Workbench. Engineers can assess the quality of the material model by viewing the raw data and data certificates from test laboratories and suppliers. The resulting simulation can include an embedded link to the exact data source within Matereality, providing the ultimate in traceability for material modeling.

DatabaseLite for ANSYS contains free material data for about 50 highly relevant material models ranging from simple elastic material models to temperature dependent stress�strain data, MISO models, hyperelastic data inputs for rubber, fatigue data on metals, rate-dependent tensile data for ANSYS Explicit STR, and visco-elastic data and thermal properties on polymers. Materials include metals, plastics, foam and rubber. It can be accessed at https://my.matereality.com/Portal/DatabaseLite.aspx. All data is pedigreed.

To use DatabaseLite for ANSYS, there is no need for registration or software downloads. The user is led directly to an interface to search for material models ready for use with ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Explicit STR that can be exported in simulation-ready format. "ANSYS users often seek such data to enable their product development activities. While data on metals and linear analysis are generally available, the lack of design-relevant nonlinear data can limit the customer�s ability to perform real-life simulations," said Hubert Lobo, Matereality president.

A 2,000+ material models master database upgrade produced by Matereality, LLC is available for purchase. The upgrade includes plug-ins that permit CAE Modeler for ANSYS to operate completely within ANSYS Workbench. All data is pedigreed.

"Matereality is among the first partners to visualize and implement full integrated connectivity to ANSYS Workbench," said Josh Fredberg, vice president of marketing at ANSYS. "This partner integration will greatly enhance the ability of our users to try out the great capabilities of ANSYS Workbench as we bring in more and more multiphysics capabilities into this environment."