Oct 20, 2011

Latest releases of the 3D D-Cubed components

Siemens PLM Software announces the immediate availability of Version 44.0 of the 3D D-Cubed™ software components.

A highlight of this release is the addition of the spin surface type to the 3D DCM. A spin surface is generated by rotating a planar parametric curve about a spin axis. The support for this new geometry type further enhances the already sophisticated assembly and direct modeling capabilities of the 3D DCM.

Building on previous releases, there are further extensions to support for multi-processors to improve performance. We are announcing a new range of multi-processor enhancements in the CDM, and an extension to the enhancements made in the previous release of the HLM.

Further details are available below:

D-Cubed 3D Dimensional Constraint Manager (3D DCM)
D-Cubed Hidden Line Manager (HLM)
D-Cubed Collision Detection Manager (CDM)
D-Cubed Assembly Engineering Manager (AEM)